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Locksmiths do more than just doing repairs on broken locks or replacing them altogether. Security systems and locks have significantly evolved with developing technology. This means that locksmiths must advance with the changing times if they intend to remain in business. This is also applicable to all the tools they utilize as an upgraded is necessary.

There are various kinds of locksmiths as outlined below:

Emergency locksmith

These are professionals who are available whenever clients call upon their services. This means that they will come to your home or place of business as soon as possible to provide the required service. Such locksmiths possess all the emergency tools they require for service delivery. They deal with jammed doors, broken locks and eve burglaries.

Forensic locksmith

These are locksmiths who are specialized in crime scenes. They are adequately equipped with tools that assist in determining exactly how locks present at a crime scene were either broken into or hacked. Forensic locksmiths are also skilled in gathering evidence whilst handling locks. The type of tools used for such services are particularly made for use by forensic locksmiths thus only used when necessary. They are thoroughly skilled in determining how criminals breached security systems.

Residential locksmith

This type of locksmith deals with security systems for homes, they are found literally everywhere. Residential locksmiths help with jammed doors, lost keys or even forgotten keys so that homeowners can access their dwelling places. In addition, they provide practical solutions to common problems concerning keys and locks. They fit new locks and replace lost keys etc.

Commercial locksmith

These are locksmiths that deal with commercial buildings, offices, schools etc. Such places have very advanced locks and security systems that need access from a select few such as office employees with authorized key-cards. Biometric systems are a common security feature in most offices and it is locksmith service edmond ok who handle such in case of any problem.

Auto locksmith

These are locksmiths who are specialized in vehicles. They help when car keys are forgotten somewhere or get lost. They update or repair remote control car systems, duplicate car keys and replace car keys.

Institutional locksmith

These are quite like commercial locksmiths. They are hired in universities, schools, colleges, hospitals etc. This means that they are officially employed in their various institutions to maintain security systems daily. Their job description entails providing access to authorized persons, updating available security systems, checking security systems as well as managing breached security systems and lost key-cards.


There are various types of locks that fall into 4 categories as follows:

Church locks – Found on cupboards, cabinets drawers and gates.

Cylinder locks – Found on external house doors.

Digital locks – Found on locks accessed via swipe cards and pin codes.

Lever locks – Found on internal doors.

The type of lock is usually determined by the level of security that is desired by the consumer.

Locksmith service Edmond ok should be able to walk you through available options as well as to provide guidance as to the best type of lock.


Locksmiths are essential in different aspects of everyday life as indicated by the various common services they offer. Just make sure you select your service provider carefully.

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